Unfortunately, Lil Baby’s “Detox” Is Not His New Album

Unfortunately, Lil Baby's "Detox" Is Not His New Album

The long-awaited album from Lil Baby is still in the works. Meanwhile, the artist teases the crowd with his new “Detox” single.

It’s hard to tell how Lil Baby’s new album will sound. Especially considering a wide range of Lil Baby’s 2022 releases, from “Right On” to the “STAYIN ALIVE” feature with DJ Khaled & Drake.

However, the Quality Control CEO also says Lil Baby’s project will be an “album Of The Year 4 Sure.” At least, that’s for certain.


“Detox” Visual
The music video for “Detox” is a construct of inspirations from “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” Facebook motivational posts with boxing people, and 80s workout videos. All of those, combined with Lil Baby’s charm, make the “Detox” music video great. Especially if one watches it with a sense of irony.

Facebook motivational quotes and “The Wolf Of Wall Street” in 2022 are rather vulgar. According to a 20-year rule, not enough time has passed for the character of the “25-year-rule” follower Leonardo Di Caprio to return. Same with the Facebook quotes. We’ll have sportsmen massively speaking the truth again in 6–9 years, but not yet.

It’s interesting how Lil Baby is playing with the outdated patterns. Adding his funny bits, like wearing shorts with the suit, Lil Baby makes the visual’s appearance more “modern.”

The camera work is also absolutely excellent and rather dynamic. Too dynamic sometimes, so prepare your vestibular system. The same goes for setting and coloring. It makes the picture look organic, even with all the sudden scenes and color switches.

Hot Baby Summer
Other than releasing new music videos and working on the album, Lil Baby seems to be doing all kinds of things. He recently joined forces with Goodr to donate shoes, clothes, backpacks, and haircuts at Back-To-School Fest in Atlanta’s West End Mall.

During the event, Lil Baby also hosted an unfortunate concert where crowds of people had to wait for hours, and one person even went to the hospital with a seizure.

Luckily, Dominique Armani Jones also avoided any legal issues this summer, despite the Atlanta RICO charge trend. “Only god can judge me,” the artist responded to fans’ concerns about him getting arrested with “that rico.”


Written by Nikita Serdiuk

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