The Game Once Stole A Skateboard From Tyler, The Creator

The Game Once Stole A Skateboard From Tyler, The Creator

The Game is currently on a press run while getting ready to release his new album “Drillmatic — Mind Vs. Heart”. In a recent clip from HipHopDX, he recounts a time when he stole a skateboard from Tyler, the Creator years ago. This was after being asked about their collaboration “Martians vs Goblins” from his 2011 project The R.E.D. Album. Additionally, he hilariously ends off by telling the interviewer that he still has Tyler’s stolen skateboard to this day. The two have always had a pretty positive relationship & this is just another humorous story between respected West Coast rap peers. Here’s the full clip from HipHopDX linked below:

More Details About The Story & Their Friendship
Before stealing the board, he recalls pulling up on the Odd Future leader & the other collective members at a store in California. While Tyler’s crew thought The Game stopped by to say hello, the Compton legend immediately snatched one of their skateboards. Tyler even chased after the rapper who already drove off with the board, and he even reached out to The Game for a few months afterward to have it returned. Again, it’s pretty funny hearing stories about real genuine interactions between industry friends. While the two are still cool, it’d be nice to get a new collaboration between both artists this decade.

The Game Is Still Dropping Music In 2022
As previously mentioned, The Game is dropping a new album this summer that is primarily produced by Hit-Boy. It’s unfortunately seen quite a few delays, but should still be available for fans this summer. So far we’ve gotten two singles including “Violence” & “Eazy” with Kanye West. Despite questions about the upcoming project, one thing that’s certain is The Game’s confidence in his rapping ability is still high. Recently, he even claimed being the biggest & best rapper in the world. Are you ready for new music from one of the West Coast’s best talents?
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Written by: Oryah Brown | Instagram: @oryah.wav


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