T.I. Expresses Trap Music No Longer His Bag

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2 min readJul 16, 2022
T.I. Expresses Trap Music No Longer His Bag

Yesterday, T.I. made an appearance on Top Billin. The artist sat down to express where he was mentally when it came to music and current moves. According to T.I., he no longer has a Trap Music mentality. Instead, he’s moved beyond that, which says a lot from the man who made claim to inventing trap music in a 2017 interview.


On to The Next Thing
According to the artist, he’s moved beyond representing that lifestyle because he no longer lives that lifestyle. So, it would not benefit him to hold on to or represent what he’s moved past.

In T.I.’s words.
“I accept the fact I have acquired a special set of skills that I no longer get to use.”
T.I. is not only accepting and walking in his boss hood but owning up to greater realities, which is respectable.
Sometimes You Got to Let it Go.
It’s not easy to admit one has grown past a particular lifestyle, especially when portraying that type of lifestyle on stage and in the studio brings in the cash. However, some will refuse to let go no matter how far removed they are from that life.

As a source notes, some artists feel they have the right creatively to be a voice for the streets, mainly if it’s where they hail from. But while it may have legitimately been part of one’s come-up doesn’t mean that it continues to bear relevance over time. While the street hustle generally stays the same, things change. What was happening 10 or 15 years ago is not happening now. And it takes an intelligent individual to notice that and move accordingly.
T.I.’s Hustle
While some of his career moves and choices have been questionable to many, one must admit that T.I. has a great understanding. You must mix it up, or things will not continue to serve you. According to the Atlanta Black Star, The serial entrepreneur went on to say,
“Now, for me to go out there and continue to force those skills in the marketplace when I know I have no real stage to present those skills on, it’s counterproductive.
And that’s keeping it real.
The Future
T.I. is not one to drop his hustle, although he needs to switch lanes to do so. And If he continues to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses and sticks to areas of strength, he will continue to be successful. However, this is a mentality that must be applied to all endeavors. So here’s to seeing where the future will take TIP.

Written By Renae Richardson



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