Roddy Ricch Kicks Fan Off Stage While Performing

Roddy Ricch Kicks Fan Off Stage While Performing

Music festival and concert-goers these days get too excited to see some of their favorite musicians. They get too excited to the point where they run on stage to be up close and personal to them. While some musicians handle it nicely, Roddy Ricch opted for a violent approach. The rapper was performing a set at Switzerland’s Openair Frauenfeld Festival when a fan-made an attempt to get on the stage while Rich was performing his hit “The Box”.

As security was rushing over to stop the fan, Roddy Ricch’s microphone slipped out of his hand. As he picked up his mic, he went over to where security was to prevent the fan from getting on the stage. While the fan was resisting, he started to physically kick them and they ended up going back to their spot in line. See the footage below.

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Fans Rushing On Stage
Along with this incident, other musicians have also been victims of similar situations. A fan of Bad Bunny hopped on stage while he was performing. The fan went for a hug and when security was trying to remove her, she would not let go. After finally letting go, Bad Bunny gave her a kiss on the cheek. In 2018, a fan rushed the stage at Beyonce and Jay-Z concert in Atlanta. Security and backup dancers swarmed over to prevent the fan from getting to close to the power couple. Queen Bey then joked about it.

It is one thing that the artist can be at risk when someone attempts to rush the stage, not knowing what they have on them. On the other hand, it is not necessary for the artist themselves to violently attack a fan who is just excited to see them, especially if security is already handling the situation.

At least both parties are good.

Written By: Roy Lott


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