R&B Music Thrives Despite Diddy’s Comments

R&B Music Thrives Despite Diddy's Comments

During an IG Live with Timbaland, Sean “Diddy” Combs stirred up some controversy with comments about R&B music.

“R&B is motherfu**ing dead as of right now” -Diddy

Diddy did go to Twitter to further explain his comments but the damage was already done. Artist and fans came after Diddy for his comments.

Many people don’t agree with Diddy and his comments. R&B music is not dead and great artist are keeping it alive.
Today’s Top R&B Artist
R&B is still alive and thriving. We can thank numerous artist for that. We must show respect to those giving us great music. Here are a few names that are always giving us hits.

Jhené Aiko constantly strives to make music authentic to her. This allows both women and men to relate to her music. Everyone self reflects and Jhené self reflects in her music.

Jazmine Sullivan has always been an open book. Her music gives us a woman’s perspective. Jazmine’s vulnerability connects her to the loyal fans that follow her every move.

John Legend has never been scared to sing about his feelings. In our society men are always told to be tough but John Legend ignores that. He isn’t afraid to declare his love or to beg for it. John Legend makes 100% R&B music.

Usher is arguably one of the greatest R&B artist. Giving us tons of hits to enjoy. He has a song for just about any occasion. Need to make babies, heading out to the club, heartbroken, or need to just dance. The hit maker has R&B music for you.

Chris Brown has put himself in place to be one the best solo R&B artists from this generation. His music is all about rhythm and blues. Dancing and singing put him at the top of the charts. He already has a list of amazing songs and isn’t slowing down. Chris Brown has a lot more R&B music to make.
New Artist Keeping R&B Music Alive
The future of R&B is in great hands. New artist continue to move the genre forward. This is just a very small list of artists who are keeping R&B music on the map.

Bryson Tiller has become the face of a sub-genre of R&B known as Trap Soul. He let’s everyone know his inner thoughts. His willingness to speak his truth no matter what that might be, is totally R&B. Bryson is not only an open book but also a brilliant writer.

H.E.R. has just started in the music game and is already a phenomenal artist. R&B could be put on her shoulders and be just fine. H.E.R. is Prince meets Lauryn Hill. It’s exciting to see what she does next.

Giveon is blasting to the top of the R&B music mountain. His momentum is gaining traction and he is making a name for himself. Giveon has a voice that was missed from R&B. The deep ranges of his voice are captivating to all who listens to him sing.
The Heart Of R&B
The heart of R&B is beating strong. To say that R&B music is dead, is disrespectful to the musicians still making music. So many musicians are pouring out their souls to the world. Bruno Mars, Miguel, Alicia Keys, Trey Songz Jennifer Hudson, Summer SZA, × Daniel Caesar, Tink and so many more will keep R&B alive.

Xavier “Writer X” Griffin | Facebook @WriterX93 |Twitter @WRITER_X_713| Instagram xaviegriffin81


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