Pete Rock Calls Out Diddy After 2022 BET Awards

Legendary Hip-Hop producer Pete Rock calls out Diddy after the 2022 BET Awards for comments that the rapper made during his acceptance speech. During the 2022 BET Awards on Sunday, June 16, Diddy took home the Lifetime Achievement Award. During his acceptance speech, Diddy referred to Bobby Brown as the “first Chocolate Boy Wonder,” but the comment upset Rock.
Just hours after the BET Awards concluded, the New York native took to Instagram to air out his grievances. In the post, Rock calls out Diddy for failing to credit him as the first Chocolate Boy Wonder. Rock shared a post that read “Pete Rock is the original Chocolate Boy Wonder. Stop Playing.”

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Pete Rock’s Explanation via Instagram
In the lengthy Instagram post, Pete Rock points out how much he has contributed to Hip Hop culture and even threatens to expose Diddy unless he stops calling Bobby Brown the first Chocolate Boy Wonder. It seems that the Hip Hop producer felt extremely insulted by the comments made by Diddy because his post stated “ERASURE IS A REAL THING we doing this to each other now??? @bet @billboard We not alike. YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS KNOCK THIS OFF!! You are from 77 dell ave Mt.Vernon NY. i know everything about you but i wouldnt call myself puff daddy when im THE REAL CHOCOLATE BOY WUNDA BOSS. You kinda came outta nowhere. Been in Mt. Vernon since the 1st grade all the way to graduating high school. I came up with the town.”
Rock came up in the business in the late 1980s and early ’90s and is widely known for working with C.L. Smooth, Heavy D, Common, and Run-DMC. With such a long and prolific career, Pete Rock has definitely made his mark in Hip-Hop culture. Though Rock seems to feel disrespected by not having the title of “first Chocolate Boy Wonder”.
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