New Allen Hughes Documentary “Dear Mama” on The Way

New Allen Hughes Documentary "Dear Mama" on The Way

Allen Hughes, famed director of films “Menace II Society,” “Book of Eli,” and “Dead Presidents,” newest project “Dear Mama” will premiere in April.
Who is Allen Hughes?
Allen Hughes is a cultural contributor via film. His imprint is unerasable. Many of his movies are now cultural classics making one thing certain, his talent has made way for him. Allen Hughes often works alongside his brother. Together they make up the dynamic duo of the Hughes brothers. And The Hughes brothers easily make the top ten of any list celebrating Black excellence in the entertainment Industry. However, this is no surprise. Allen and his brother Albert began making movies in their adolescence. Over the years, they have worked tirelessly on perfecting their craft. And now Allen Hughes is again donning his directorial hat. He is taking on the subject of Tupac and Afeni Shakur in the upcoming release “Dear Mama.”
“Dear Mama:” An Interesting Development

Image Source: Shutterstock; Courtesy of James Minchin
For some, Hughes’s acceptance of such a project is a surprise. It is no secret that Tupac and Hughes had a disagreement resulting from Tupac being let go from “Menace II Society.” Public record shows that the tensions between the two reached a fever pitch resulting in an altercation. As a result, Shakur took an assault and battery charge.

Despite the assault, Hughes never let that get in the way of giving Tupac the props he felt he deserved. Hughes has tried to keep It real, not sugarcoating his perception of the rap icon. At the behest of Tupac’s family and estate, he took on “Dear Mama,” pouring himself fully into producing a rich and informative documentary on the life and work of Tupac and Afeni Shakur.
More About “Dear Mama”
“Dear Mama” is written as five-part series that will begin on April 21 on the FX Network and run until May 12. According to FX, Hughes has crafted the feature to explore “linkages between mother and son, 1970s and 1990s, black activism and hip hop highlighting how much has and has not changed in the human rights struggle.” With his critical eye and moving film technique, Hughes aims to share an authentic narrative of Afeni and how her life and actions shaped Tupac into what he became. Cumulatively, as FX notes,
“it explores how fate and love eternally linked Afeni and Tupac.”
On Tupac Shakur

Image Source: New York Times
Tupac is an icon and a legend in the hip-hop community. And despite his often-conflicting public persona, he was intelligent and unbelievably talented. In addition, he was an activist, a giver, and a visionary whose life was cut too short. So we honor his contributions, celebrate his humanity, and continue to uplift the legacy he left. For those desiring to know a little more about Tupac and the first love of his life, Afeni, check out “Dear Mama” on the FX network and streaming on Hulu starting April 21.

Written by: Renae Richardson


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