NBA Youngboy’s Defense Focuses On Lack Of Fingerprints

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2 min readJul 15, 2022

NBA Youngboy (Kentrell Gaulden) is currently on trial in Los Angeles, facing federal weapons charges.

Prosecutors spent significant time going over $700,000 worth of jewelry and the FNX-45 pistol found in Youngboy’s car. Meanwhile, the defense focused on what was missing — fingerprints.

FBI forensic examiner Icel Kuznetsova testified Wednesday, July 13th, as an expert in latent print examinations. She revealed that she found no prints on the weapon magazine or cartridges in question. However, she did make note that she did not test the firearm itself for prints.

Defense attorney Andrew Flyer questioned the witness, “There’s no evidence based on any of your analysis that shows that Mr. Gaulden touched those particular items at all, is that correct?”

Kuznetsova responded, “I did not develop any prints on these items.” She did continue to state that the lack of prints is not unusual. The FBI examiner detailed roughly a ten percent success rate in finding usable prints on firearms. She cited a number of possible reasons for this, including an anti-moisture coating on the weapon.
NBA Youngboy Trial In Louisiana
Police found the firearm in question when executing a federal warrant for another weapons charge in Louisiana. Gaulden fled the scene and was eventually caught by police after a high-speed chase. Officers unholstered the weapon, hidden under the seat.

Both the California and Louisiana cases charged Youngboy as a felon in possession of an illegal firearm, following his 2017 conviction of aggravated assault.

NBA Youngboy maintains he did not know there was a weapon in the vehicle and that it was left by someone else.

Next, Gaulden will face charges in Louisiana with multiple years of prison time on the line. Charges allege that he possessed two guns at the time of his September 2020 arrest.

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Written by Evan Montgomery



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