Lil Baby Hosts Back-To-School Fest Despite Complications

Lil Baby Hosts Back-To-School Fest Despite Complications

Lil Baby hosted a back-to-school festival to give back to his community. Unfortunately, the weather temporarily caused problems. The rapper intended to throw the event for the community at the West End Mall in Atlanta. Hundreds of people showed up to participate in a day that was supposed to be full of rides, games, and giveaways. However, one attendee was even hospitalized after having a seizure, and five more became ill. According to ForeTVHub, people attending the even were standing outside for hours without water. The CEO of waste management and hunger relief company, Goodr, Jasmine Crowe expressed her gratitude to Lil Baby.
It is an honor to continually team up with such a household name to relieve some of the ongoing financial burden people are facing.
Still, this didn’t stop some attendees from getting help. Lil Baby spent thousands of dollars on shoes, clothes, backpacks, and haircuts. In fact, multiple videos circulating social media show people packed into a Footlocker as the Atlanta rapper paid for clothing for the kids in attendance.

Hundreds of families lined up to attend Lil Baby’s Back-to-School Fest in Atlanta, where the rapper provided free shoes and clothing from Foot Locker for every child in attendance

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) August 8, 2022

Lil Baby’s Other Philanthropic Efforts
Lil Baby has his hands in other charitable efforts outside the back-to-school fest. The Atlanta native announced a partnership with businessman Lemont Bradley. Together, they plan to hire 100 people under 21 to work around the city. In a joint statement, the pair explained their reasoning for the proposal.
With the crime rate surrounding scams, robbery, and even murder being so high, we are looking to provide a positive outlet and revenue stream to those who are looking for an income.
Last year, the rapper donated bikes to children in Atlanta. The rapper parked his car at a local park and lined up the bikes. At the same park, he also restored the basketball court. Last year, when the rapper released “The Bigger Picture,” he pledged 1.5 million dollars to various charities to support Atlanta’s most vulnerable communities.

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