Lady Leshurr Wants Money From Cardi B Over Old Song

Lady Leshurr Wants Money From Cardi B Over Old Song

Cardi B is one of the most successful artists out right now & came up in the industry through mixtapes early on. Like many other rappers before her & now, she would rap over other artists’ beats in these early projects. Lady Leshurr wants credit & compensation over Cardi’s early song Cheap Ass Weave which uses the beat from Leshurr’s song Queen’s Speech Ep. 4. “You mind asking Cardi if she can break me off a likkle change she used my beat/idea before her big break and is now a millionaire and I got paid 0,” said Leshurr on her Twitter page yesterday (August 2nd).

The Rest Of Their Exchange On Twitter
After Lady Leshurr made her initial tweet, Cardi B responded confused by Leshurr’s claims. She expressed on her Twitter account in response to Leshurr comically stating, “I made like 2 dollars of that song ….you want the other dollar?” Of course, things didn’t just end there as Lady explains she mainly just wants her credit. Interestingly, she also revealed that she tried contacting Cardi about it years ago through direct messaging. Leshurr ends off with, “I was cool wen I thought it was just YT cover but it’s on streaming sites as ‘cheap azz weave’ nw & urs comes up b4 mine so yes dollar & credit pls.”

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Who’s Side Are You On? Cardi B Or Lady Leshurr
Regardless of whose argument you align with, both songs were undeniably impactful in their careers. Lady Leshurr’s Queen’s Speech Ep. 4 currently sits on Youtube with over 60 million views. Meanwhile, Cardi B’s fan base acknowledges Cheap Ass Weave as one of her first early songs that helped boost her career into what it is now. It’s a shame when business & the industry has to interfere with great art from talented musicians. Do you think Lady Leshurr should’ve called out Cardi B? Additionally, do you believe Cardi B should’ve at least given Leshurr credit for remixing her song? Read more of FM Hip-Hop’s featured articles today.

Written by: Oryah Brown | Instagram: @oryah.wav


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