Judge Denies 2 Pac’ s Stepfather “Mutulu Shakur’s” Compassionate Release.

Judge Denies 2 Pac' s Stepfather "Mutulu Shakur's" Compassionate Release.

As of September 13, Mutulu Shakur’s appeal for compassionate release has again been denied. And given the ailing activist’s worsening medical condition, things look bleak.
Petition For Compassionate Release
A few months ago, news spread of a movement with Mutulu Shakur, stepfather of rap icon Tupac Shakur at the center. As FM Hip Hop reported, a circulating petition for the compassionate release of Mutulu was gaining significant traction. Petitioners argued that Mutulus’s recent diagnosis of advanced cancer made him eligible for compassionate release. However, this was not the first time Mutulu had appealed for release. But this time, it was on the grounds of his fledgling health. Although many of Mutulu’s supporters had a great deal of optimism and hoped the tide would turn favorably this time, it was not to be so.
Parole Board Decides Mutulu’s Fate
On May 16, 2022, despite the massive support Shakur had ascertained, the parole board once again denied Mutulu’s release. According to mutulushakur.com, the ruling read,

“After consideration of all factors and information presented, at this time, the Commission denies your release under the standards at 18 U.S.C. §4206(d) for the following reasons: The Commission finds there is a reasonable probability that you will commit a Federal, State, or local crime if released.”
Appealing to a Higher Court
In August, Shakur’s legal representation took recourse to challenge the United States Parole Commission ruling, which denied Mutulu Shakur his compassionate release. According to his team, despite the gravity of their client’s prognosis and further observation of his worsening condition consistent with his earlier prognosis, he was denied without a rational basis. Shakur’s legal team hoped to appeal the matter by filing a habeas corpus.



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