Ja Rule Reveals His Life Code on Origins of Hip Hop

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3 min readJun 3, 2022
Ja Rule Reveals His Life Code on Origins of Hip Hop

“Origins of Hip Hop” is a new series that is expanding cultural knowledge with its spotlight pieces on Hip Hop’s icons, Ja Rule is one of those put under the spotlight.
Ja Rule Snags a Feature on “Origins of Hip Hop”
Creators of “Origins of Hip Hop” are providing fans of hip-hop culture with a unique look into the lives of their favorite hip-hop icons. Before release, viewers were given a snippet of what to expect. For those who were able to glimpse the “Origins of Hip Hop” teaser, there was something to learn about the incomparable Ja Rule.
Ja Rule’s Imprint
Ja Rule was a stand-out artist in the late ’90s. His rough vocals were signature, giving him an unmistakable and unforgettable presence. At the time, Rule’s name was synonymous with the label Murder Inc. Whether it was a hard-hitting track, collaborative work, or a love song, he left an undeniable imprint. One utterance of the word “Murda,” and fans instantly knew who was rocking the mic.
Turning Back a Few Pages
Ja Rule went on to carry that presence into his work on films such as Fast and Furious and Assault on Precinct 13th. Fans are not totally clueless about who Ja Rule is. As an artist in the spotlight, much of one’s life is lived out in the public’s eye. What many know only scratches the surface. On “Origins of Hip Hop,” Ja Rule is flipping back a few pages and giving the world a little more perspective on who he is, what he’s been through, and what has shaped him.
A little History on Ja Rule
While Music has been a passion for Rule, he hasn’t always been engaged in the craft. In the series Rule expounds on turning to drug dealing to make paper. While his turn to dealing was partly due to the persona, cred, and money associated, he took on that mantle to help his mom.
“ She couldn’t really lean on any family for financial help. At that moment, I knew that I was willing to do whatever I had to do to help.”
Sadly, his choice is reflective of a move many must make.
Family Over Everything
This was not the only time Ja Rule would go all-in for his mother, proving the code he lives by puts family at the forefront. Thankfully, Ja Rule didn’t need to continue working the streets. His talent led him to a major record deal. One of the perks of signing was a 50K advance. However, where most would splurge their cash, not Ja Rule.
“I went to tell my mother that I had the deal and she told me she was diagnosed with cancer the same day.”
For Ja Rule, his mom came first. He spent 40K of the advance money on his mom’s medical care. It was not because his mother asked him to, but because of a life code. In his opening up about the incident, he said,
“We don’t give up on our family, we fight the fight.”
How admirable is that?
A Cultural Win
Thanks to the “Origins of Hip Hop”, fans know a little more about Ja Rule and the code he lives by. But, of course, he is not the only one viewers will learn about. So props to the creators for crafting a series that will bring more insight to the masses, rounding out their knowledge of cultural icons. A big part of passing on culture is learning about the most prominent contributors, and this show does that.

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