Hot Boyz Capsule Collection Drops With OVO

Hot Boyz Capsule Collection Drops With OVO

Drake has decided to drop a new collection with his OVO clothing brand. The southern rap group Hot Boyz inspired the collection. Today you can add something fly to your attire. October’s Very Own will feature pieces that pays homage to each member of the group. Upgrade just in time for fall.
The News Drops
24 hours ago, pictures of the Hot Boyz Collection were posted on October’s Very Own Instagram page. Models are pictured rocking T-shirts, a hoodie, and scarf.

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The Hot Boyz Capsule Collection
The collection includes something for everybody: T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, scarves, and coasters.

A picture of the album Guerilla Warfare covers the front of the hoodie and T-shirts. Gather cover art also spreads across the back of the hoodie and T-shirt in black and bold letters. The hoodie comes in black, red, grey and camouflage green. T-shirts come in black, red, white and camouflage green.

Shorts will be a part of the collection. The shorts come in black, green and red. The shorts are made of polyester mesh and they have front pockets. A drawstring will keep your shorts snug.

Collection Extras
A Hot Boyz Collection would not be complete without a bandana. Members of the rap group always rocked bandanas. They were them on their heads, around their necks, tier around their legs or shoes and at times hanging out their pockets.

The dimensions of the scarf are 27” x 27”. The Guerilla Warfare album covers the entire scarf with a camouflage trim.

The last item in the collection is a set of coasters. The coasters are all black. Each coaster has the words “Guerilla Warfare” on them.

The collection is already on the OVO website and adding to your closet is only a few clicks away. Grab something today!

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