#FMSpotlight: G-Eazy, P-LO & FREDOBAGZ — “PARTY WITH THE GANG” (Listen)

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2 min readOct 24, 2022


#FMSpotlight: G-Eazy, P-LO & FREDOBAGZ - "PARTY WITH THE GANG" (Listen)

Over a thumping West Coast-styled hip-hop beat, G-Eazy, P-LO & FREDOBAGZ detail how they reap the benefits of their success in “PARTY WITH THE GANG.”
The trio also speaks about women who wouldn’t mind indulging in some group activities. P-LO takes care of the chorus while G-Eazy & FREDOBAGZ drop braggadocious bars about their foreign whips & wads of cash.
First, the These Things Happen raps about his luxurious whips before bigging up his home state.
“I’m in that Royce switching lanes/150 in my car/So insane/She just wanna be around the fame,” he raps “‘Cause I’m icy I got Tahoe on my chain/Bay Area we started all the slang/On Mommas/I put that on everything.”
Shortly after switching the flow, G-Eazy speaks about his charm & how it can often anger the opposite sex.
“I hit her friend she know I did it/She mad about it/Catching feelings,” he spits.

Once FREDOBAGZ hops on the beat, he raps about his top-tier drip game & fortune, saying, “she likes the ice up on these chains/When we walk in the club, we make it rain.”

After, the rapper says that losing an admirer wouldn’t be detrimental. He then continues to talk about his hierarchy in life & wealth. “I can’t trip off no h*e/I’m baggin’ b*tches by the 3,” FREDOBAGZ raps.
“PARTY WITH THE GANG” is a single off Tales Of The Town.
Tales Of The Town is a multimedia project that explores the rich history & culture of Oakland through various Black natives via the album & a podcast created by Abbas Muntaqim & Delency Parham (co-founders of People’s Programs & the Hella Black Podcast).

All of the featured artists were so moved by the importance of this endeavor. They donated their verses for free, with all the proceeds going to People’s Programs.
Listen to “PARTY WITH THE GANG” by G-Eazy, P-LO & FREDOBAGZ below:

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By: Natalee Gilbert



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