Flo Milli Drops Surprise Album With Creative Rollout

Flo Milli Drops Surprise Album With Creative Rollout

Flo Milli is an Alabama native that first made waves in the industry with the release of Ho, Why Is You Here? She set herself apart from the other young women rappers gaining attention with her unique flows and voice. Her aesthetic is reminiscent of films of like Clueless and early 2000s fashion trends updated for modern sensibilities. This juxtaposition of image and lyrical content combine for a dynamic presentation.

Last month, she surprise-released her debut album with RCA Records You Still Here, Ho?.

The album features the diverse production styles she’s known for; along with assistance from some of the best rising artists. The usual themes are at play on this album, but the Conceited creator always has a unique spin on the formula. She also pays a great deal of homage to superstar women creatives across genres. The tone is set from the opening introduction by reality TV legend Tiffany Pollard b.k.a. New York.



Flo Milli’s Creative Album Rollout

The rollout for You Still Here, Ho? was magnificent! It was truly one of the most creative rollouts in recent memory and was well-executed. The fan feedback has been great also, with many leaving comments praising the artist.

The pre-release campaign featured motifs of early 2000s reality shows such as Flavor of Love and I Love New York. She also featured other artists in the clips such as Guap and Buddy. Her tracklist was released in a 2000s TV Guide Channel style with her spin on popular logos from VH1, MTV, and BET.

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Additionally, each song had an accompanying skit based on various reality shows like The Simple Life, Love and Hip Hop, and Flavor of Love. It was a great way to reminisce on the cultural influences that shaped many different facets of society and entertainment.



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