Cardi B Returns With First Single ‘Hot Sh*t’ Since 2021

Cardi B Returns With First Single 'Hot Sh*t' Since 2021

Rapper Cardi B has returned. She released her latest single “Hot Sh*t,” featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk at midnight on Jul. 1. The new track arrived just in time for Jul. 4 weekend, as the holiday is falls on the following Monday.

Cardi Debuts A Snippet Of “Hot Sh*t”
Cardi, whose real name is Belcalis Alamanzar, dropped a snippet of “Hot Sh*t” during the 2022 BET Awards. The highly-anticipated award show aired via the iconic Black culture platform on June 26.
The snippet appeared in a video clip of the Bronx rapper dancing in the middle of a city landscape. She danced and wore a very futuristic looking outfit in the clip, which immediately went viral on social media. As such, her fans went berserk and declared that she was going to drop some heat.
Following the award show promo, Cardi dropped an image of the single art for new track. The image features her sitting in the back of a luxury car in nothing but a bowl haircut, sunglasses, metal pasties, and metal pumps on. Legendary rapper Lil Kim’s fans immediately linked the picture to the Brooklyn native’s classic photo where she’s sitting in a car naked.
The Bronx Native Goes On Instagram Live To Discuss Her New Song
An hour before “Hot Sh*t” officially dropped, the 29-year-old went live on Instagram. During her live, she revealed that she was unsure about dropping the song. She reportedly held onto it for three years, making it older than “WAP” which was released in 2020.
However, she seemed sure that, despite her reluctance, she made a good call. Cardi explained that the song appeals to many different types of people.
“It’s masculine, it’s great for the clubs, it’s great for the b*****s,” she said.

Cardi Credits Legendary Reggae Artist For His Song Sample In “Hot Sh*t”
“Hot Sh*t” is Cardi’s first single since 2021, when she released her hit single “Up.” She credited Jamaican icon Bunny Wailer, who originally wrote “Electric Boogie” as she sampled the iconic song in her track. “Electric Boogie” also known as “Electric Slide” was later released by Jamaican singer Marcia Griffiths.
Written by Amber Alexander

Twitter: Ambernofetari



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