Benny The Butcher Responds To Claims His Music Not Getting The Ladies “In the Mood”

Benny The Butcher Responds To Claims His Music Not Getting The Ladies "In the Mood"

There has been a narrative for a while that the lyrics of Benny the Butcher’s songs are not for women. Benny has decided to strike back against that image, slightly.

On November 16, a woman tweeted out that she did not want to date somebody listening to Benny’s songs. Benny actually responded to her. “So u tryna tell me Crowns For Kings don’t get the Ladies in the mood”.

“Crowns For Kings” was a song from his 2019 extended play “The PlugsI Met”. The song was produced by the late DJ Shay and featured Black Thought.
“Crowns For Kings” was not made for feminism.
Ironically, this song was chosen out of all of the songs he could have picked. Benny had to pick the one that talks directly to the listener and assumes their skin color and, more importantly, their gender. “You know the feeling, young black male, what y’all dealin’?” Despite that misfortunate line, however, he might be onto something.

The lyrics are about taking over from the previous generation and making your own style from it. Feminism is all about making your style from what life gives you while trying to improve said conditions whenever you can. According to Benny the Butcher, having half of that in the song is good enough.

Another, more traditional, example of feminism’s morphing styles to create something unique is M.I.A’s “Bad Girls”. She mixes ultra-conservative middle eastern music with street culture and lyrics about sexual empowerment and how she will never stop her way of life.

More important than what Benny thinks is what the fans think. The replies said that his music is as good as any other music as the backbone of a relationship. However, the intended audience does not affect the quality of a song. If it is good, then it is good and nothing more needs to be said.

Written by Justin Acosta



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