Artist Uses His TikTok Channel To Depict His Schizophrenia Hallucinations And Provide A Close Glance Into The Disorder

Artist Uses His TikTok Channel To Depict His Schizophrenia Hallucinations And Provide A Close Glance Into The Disorder

A TikTok artist’s portrayal of his schizophrenia-induced hallucinations has captured the imagination of millions of viewers on the social platform. It offers a rare and accurate depiction of the disorder and the plight of those struggling with it. Prior to being diagnosed with his disorder in 2017, Christopher (@xoradmagical) didn’t realize he’d become a supporter of a cause that would change public perception of the condition.

Before his diagnosis, Christopher studied psychology. However, his interest in the subject did not prepare him for the work that awaited him.

Furthermore, he acknowledged that he was once a stigmatizer of schizophrenia. He dismissed those with the diagnosis as “crazy.”

His journey since then hasn’t been an easy one. Not satisfied with the outcome, Christopher analyzed other people’s misperceptions regarding the diagnosis.

“People think ‘schizophrenia’ is a bad word,” he said. “The media often portrays us as lethal, murderous and unaware — that’s simply not true.”

In the beginning, Christopher used TikTok to vent his anger. It is said that he felt very alone at the time of his diagnosis. At the same time, he was also homeless for some time.
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“Through continuing my videos, I started to lighten up when I realized I wasn’t as alone as I felt. So many people go through what I go through, and I realized I had a responsibility to take care of myself.”

Currently, Christopher has over 1.5 million fans following him on TikTok.
Christopher Presents Details In His Videos Regarding His Experiences With Schizophrenia
Chris uses his videos as a tool to portray his hallucinations transparently. That is part of the reason why so many people show interest in his videos. One of the common symptoms of schizophrenia is hallucinations. The phenomenon of hallucinations does not just involve seeing things that are not present. They can also include hearing voices or smelling things that others cannot perceive.
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Many of Christopher’s TikTok videos involve “schizophrenia simulators.” Those drawings are his best attempts to recreate what he sees and hears daily as he makes his way through life. In another TikTok video, he described his process as one in which hallucinations seem to “draw themselves.”

A recurring hallucination that Christopher has encountered is Chester. His popularity has made him a quasi-celebrity among his millions of followers. Christopher explains that he named Chester because he felt it would bring humanization to the experience of seeing him. Chester is a “helpful, funny, witty and energetic” hallucination that has spoken to Christopher for several years.
@xoradmagical #schizophreniasimulator #hearingvoices #neurodivergent #schism #drawing #hallucination #schizoaffective #bipolar #psychosis #schizophrenia #art #faces ♬ original sound — XORAD

Written by Nikiya Biggs

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